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Building Systems, Products and Materials

From flexible air barrier, to rigid weather-resistive air barrier systems, IT Wall systems, brick reinforcement, and tools.

UNI PLUS and UNI PRO Flexible Air Barriers

Provides at least 90 (and up to 150) days of rain and UV protection for unclad framing. Interior and exterior trades can work in parallel to keep construction moving.

Enviro AAC Intertenancy Wall System

Fully NZBC compliant for both fire resistance (FRR) and sound transmission (STC), this system is lightweight and flexible and uses tried-and-true materials for faster construction.

Barricade Weather Defense System

A premium weather-resistant rigid air barrier system, providing up to 150 days’ water, air, and UV protection before the cladding is installed. Also provides wind and earthquake bracing, fire resistance, and site security.

Masons/Redway Cavity Closer with Flexible Edge

Designed to reduce store range requirements and assist builders with onsite variation.

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