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The system provides a hard durable surface which when painted is waterproof and easier to maintain than a standard painted wall.

  • Easy to keep clean and weatherproof when painted.

  • A wide range of finishes can be achieved.

  • Ideal for modernizing existing older brick or concrete block houses.

  • Masons basecoat or lightweight basecoat can be built up to 40 mm to straighten walls.


Preparation: All substrates should be clean dry and free from dust, moss or mould. Previously painted substrates can be coated provided the paint is in good condition and well adhered (at applicators discretion and risk). The painted surface should be cleaned then treated with a coat of Masons Meshing Render to provide adhesion and a gritty surface suitable for plastering.

Flushing: Use base coat and lightweight base coat, alternatively skimming render can be applied tightly in a thin application to ensure plaster is forced into the surface and then brought out to a flat finish with extra product. The following day when this has cured a tight coat of skimming render is applied to give a flanking coat and a flat smooth finish.

Texturing: The desired texture from the Masons range can now be applied. Options are 1 mm and Adobe or selected pre-coloured texture which are painted over with a coat of Limestop and 2 coats of Premium Build.

Painting: Paint in accordance with the chosen texture specification. Premium Build Paint is recommended. New block walls can hold large volumes of water so it is recommended that the wall be protected from rain until painted.

Meshing: 150 gsm coated Fibreglass Mesh can be used in the Basecoat plaster and this provides flatter walls with less chance of cracking or block lines showing. It is however not a total guarantee against cracking as a block wall that step cracks can not be 100% prevented by standard 150 gsm Fibreglass Mesh.

Accessories: Pre-meshed corner beads can be used to form straight corners. Brick Vents are used to provide ventilation into the brick cavity. Bands and mouldings are available.

Special Notes

This system will provide weatherproofing to the wall when properly painted however it is the designers responsibility to provide adequate detailing for penetrations, tops and sealant details for retaining and backfilled walls.



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