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PlastaTek™ is a fibre cement sheet jointing and coating system specifically designed for Monotek cladding. It provides a very strong double meshed joint and thick flat plastered walls with an attractive durable textured finish.



Monotek must be installed in conformance with James Hardie New Zealand Limited current specifications. Sheets must be clean and dry.


All substrates must be clean dry and free from dust, laitance, moss or mould. A coat of Plastaseal resin must be rolled on over all sheet surfaces to reduce suction when plastering.


150 gsm fibreglass jointing mesh embedded wet into Meshing Render Fines. Meshing The Mesh coat is applied to the entire wall after the jointing has cured. The wall is covered with an approximately 2-3 mm thick layer of PlastaTek™


Plaster and the 150 gsm Fibreglass Mesh embedded into it. The mesh drops are butt joined as long as the joints are no closer than 200 mm from a sheet joint running in the same direction. It is permissible for a mesh joint to cross a sheet joint at a 90 degree angle. If closer than 200 mm to a sheet joint running parallel then the mesh joint should be overlapped by 100 mm minimum. Allow to set overnight before applying next coat


The desired texture from the Masons range can now be applied.


Paint in accordance with the chosen texture specification. Masons Premium Build Highbuild Acrylic Paint is recommended.


PVC pre-meshed corner beads, should be used to form straight corners by pushing them into the wet plaster with a straight edge.

Special Notes

It is the responsibility of the specifier, designer or builder to provide and install adequate details in line with the James Hardie New Zealand Limited’s specifications. PlastaTek™ warranty is limited to the jointing and coating system only. Movement control joints must not be plastered over as these will crack. The sealant line should be brought out flush with the finished texture level.



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