Enviro AAC Cladding Panel

Aerated concrete panel for plaster systems

Enviro AAC Panel is a cavity based autoclaved aerated concrete 20mm and 45mm panel system. It is used for exterior wall cladding, fencing, and can now be used as flooring solution with our new 75mm panel.

Enviro™ AAC Panel System is a plaster system where the performance is guaranteed comes with a 15 year system warranty. It is a solid, lightweight, aerated concrete substrate that is available from Masons applicators, who provide details for installation. By specifying Masons you can be assured that you are being supported by a reputable New Zealand company who has been in the building industry for over 20 years. 


  • Lightweight and solid concrete construction
  • Attractive monolithic textured finish
  • Flattens walls and hides joints


AAC ENVIRO Panels must be installed as per the details shown in this manual to ensure the quality of the cladding system.  AAC ENVIRO Panels must not be installed in any situation where it will come into contact with the ground.  AAC ENVIRO Panels cannot be used as retaining walls. Pre-Installation checks and installation guide can be found on page 7 of the CodeMark Assessment Brief # CMA-AB 130241

AAC ENVIRO Panel Properties:

Dry Density: 525kg/m³
Intensity: 4.0Mpa
Dry Shrinkage Value: 0.6mm/m
Water Absorption (by volume): Up to 24 – 35%
Thermal Conductivity: 0.13w/mk
Sound Transmission Class (STC): 33 (50mm bare panel)
Fire Resistance: 1.5 hours
Panel Size: 2200mm x 600mm x 50mm


AAC ENVIRO Panels fixed in accordance with the instruction and details in this manual will meet the requirements and relevant section of the New Zealand Building Code including:

  • B1 – Structure
  • B2 – Durability
  • E2 – Moisture
  • F2 – Hazardous Building Materials



In terms of NZS 3604:2011 incorporating amendments 1 & 2, AAC Panels fied as per this manual are able to withstand all earthquakes and wing loadings in all areas of New Zealand.

EVNPAN Enviro Panel Wall – 2200x600x50mm Single


PBEJG Enviro Jointing Glue Single
ENV75SS PANEL SC Enviro Screw 75mm – Stainless Steel Single
ENV14X75PS Enviro Screw 75mm – Galvanised Single
ENV100 SS Enviro Screw 100mm – Stainless Steel Single
ENV14X100PS Enviro Screw 100mm -Galvanised Single


ENVRB Enviro Reveal Bead Single
MPSF50 Enviro Sill Flashing, 50mm Single
MPBSC50 Enviro Base Shoe/Head Flashing 50mm Single

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