Bricklock and Blocklock 4.0mm

Brick and Block Joint Reinforcing

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4mm Bricklock products have been developed to strengthen brick veneer, walls and fences.

An excellent product for areas that are prone to cracking or movement. Made from 4 mm galvanised or stainless steel.


When specifying or installing Bricklock, a common-sense approach to where the product is installed must be used. Typically every 5th course.

The most common areas to use the reinforcing are: above all windows and to all external corners.

Other vulnerable areas are: where there is a gap smaller than 800mm, for example: A window near a deck, where a window meets a roof top or roof top gable meets a soffit. Close up Bricklock spacing to every 5th course in these areas.

Brick and Blocklock Straight. Assists in crack prevention on bricks of blocks that are laid in stacked bond. Or when there is only a small row of bricks less then 800mm. Masons recommended to install Bricklock every 6th course.

Bricklock Corner. Assists in crack prevention on external corners. Masons recommended installing a Bricklock corner every 5th course.


Disclaimer - ‘Bricklock’ is designed to add strength to the brick veneer and is over and above normal New Zealand Building Code for brick veneer construction. At no stage do Masons guarantee that it will completely stop any possible cracking in the veneer.

BRICKLOCK CNR SS Bricklock Corner – Strainless Steel 10
BRICKLOCK CNRGAL Bricklock Corner – Galvanised 10
BRICKLOCK STR SS Bricklock Straight – Strainless Steel 10
BRICKLOCK STRGAL Bricklock Straight – Galvanised 10
BRICKLOCK DRPGAL Bricklock Drop – Galvanised 10

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