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Keeping the project moving with Masons Barricade Weather Defense System

Case Study
June 2nd, 2023

When building the latest show home in their portfolio, Cambridge Homes North Waikato chose Masons Barricade Weather Defense System to help protect it from the weather and materials theft, and enabled the team to get months ahead of schedule. 

With construction getting under way in February 2023, the team at Cambridge Homes set a target completion date of mid-July. Masons Barricade Weather Defense System – a premium weather-resistive rigid air barrier designed for New Zealand conditions – has kept the building secure from the elements, so work can carry on inside even when there are delays due to weather or exterior materials delivery.  

The system is also suitable for extra-high and specific engineering design (SED) wind zones (depending on wall height), as, when nailed correctly, the fibre cement contributes bracing units to the structure.  

Early Protection

Barricade Weather Defense System comprises three parts: 6mm or 9mm fibre cement boards (according to needs), Masons weather- and UV-resistant Barricade WD self-adhesive wrap, and Masons 40 Below flashing tape for openings. For this build, using the new ECKO Hammahand® Coil Nailer to install the fibre cement boards meant the interior was protected early in the programme. 

‘The use of the ECKO Nailer really sped this part up,’ says Jacqui Baigent, Managing & Development Director at Cambridge Homes North Waikato. ‘It comes with the V8 compressor and an attached 15m hose, and it was extremely easy for the team to operate.’ 

Keep the Build Moving

Installing the Barricade Weather Defense System early in the build helped to mitigate some of the challenges of the site and keep the team on track. ‘We are always looking at innovations that will offset risk and help to run the job as quickly as possible,’ says Jacqui. ‘This is a large house for a small site, and one thing we wanted was to alleviate the use of space for material deliveries.  

‘With the shift to rainy weather being the norm, we wanted to get to a lockable, closed-in site as quickly as possible. This allows us to continue moving the project along internally, and means material deliveries will not sit outside for long.’ 

Increased Site Security

As well as offering up to five months of air, moisture and UV resistance before the cladding was installed, Masons Barricade Weather Defense System also helps protect from theft. 

‘We have noticed increased crime and theft from building sites, so the extra security was great. We used to have daily camera footage of thieves accessing the site, but the barricade is so robust, as soon as we were closed in, that stopped.’ 

For the team at Cambridge Homes, the ability to continue the build schedule at a good pace, along with increased site security, offered huge benefits. Says Jacqui, ‘Overall, we would definitely recommend Masons Barricade Weather Defense System going forward.’ 


Product: Barricade Weather Defense System 

Architect: JP Designs 

Franchise Owners: Jacqui & Jared Baigent

Building Supervisor: Reimana Goodwin

Builder: Aaron Botherway 


Writer: Folio 

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