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Bagging plaster is an economical way to provide an attractive rustic feel to the exterior of any masonry-clad building without completely concealing the nature of the underlying substrate’s character.

This system may be readily applied over a variety of masonry backgrounds including new or old brick, concrete blocks, or other vertical concrete surfaces. 

Key Benefits

The texture of the coat results from the chosen bagging mix. Masons Adobe is smoother and flatter while Masons 1mm sponge will have a coarser more sandy texture.

The bagged brick finish is achieved by applying a coat of the plaster mix with the use of a sponge, hessian bag material, or a brush or broom. The appearance will vary depending on the particular application method that is used to spread the mix and the hand movements of the plasterer.

Special Notes: Due to the many variables in this system we recommend the plasterer apply a test-patch for sign-off by the client.

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