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Masons VHP Maxi Roofing Underlay put to the Test in all Weathers

Case Study
March 26th, 2022

In typical Spring fashion, it was a mixed bag of weather for the re-roof day of a residential tiled beauty in the heart of Remuera. A dash of sun, wind and rain: the perfect test for a crew from Webbs Brick and Tile Roofing using Masons VHP Maxi Roof Underlay for the first time.

Masons Roofing VHP Underlay is fire retardant, self-supporting, highly breathable and robust. The toughness comes from the three-layer structure: a highly water-resistant membrane sandwiched between two layers of non-woven polyolefin fabric.

Crew leader, Matt, was quick to say, “It is great to find an underlay that doesn’t rip when you drop a tile onto it!”

One of Matts team added, “When I punch the nails through, it feels like the holes would stay as holes and not rip further in the wind and cause the underlay to fly off”. And, as if on cue, a gust of wind put that comment to the test. Sure enough, the VHP Maxi held down surprisingly well whilst the team positioned the battens. “This VHP Maxi feels different. It feels strong.”

During a period of rain. whilst laying the underlay, it was good to see there was very little sagging between the rafters. “With rain like this, previous underlays would have sagged and weakened,” said Matt. Instead, VHP Maxi repelled the water and kept its self-supporting form draining the moisture to the gutters.

Warren Parke, the Construction Manager of Webbs Brick and Tile Roofing, commented, “The boys liked using this underlay. It performed well with no rips or tears, which is good because re-roofs need a sturdy product. We are about to order more rolls to use on our next job!”

Masons Very High Performance (VHP) Roofing Underlays are premium, fire retardant, synthetic, self-supporting and highly breathable. The ability to transfer water vapour at higher rates than traditional bitumen impregnated kraft paper (black paper) is significant in condensation control.

Available in three weights: VHP Maxi (220gsm). VHP Ultra (180gsm), and VHP Strong (140gsm).

To learn more about these products, visit the Masons website: mpb.co.nz or call 0800 522 533 to speak to a Masons team member.

Masons VHP Maxi Roofing Underlay put to the Test in all Weathers