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Masons is proud to join the Roofing Association of New Zealand

Case Study
April 4th, 2023

We have joined the more than 300 member businesses of the Roofing Association of New Zealand (RANZ), which works to regulate and improve the roofing industry. 

‘We want to work with like-minded roofing professionals,’ says Masons Technical Manager Arthur Whitfield, ‘so joining the Roofing Association was an easy decision to make.’ 

However, membership is not guaranteed. RANZ members must pass stringent criteria to gain acceptance, designed to ensure a better qualified and skilled industry. ‘As a supplier of quality NZBC compliant roofing products, Masons’ focus on excellence helped us meet those criteria,’ says Arthur.  

RANZ works on behalf of its members to develop industry communication, regulation, training and more, for improvement in building quality and the industry as a whole – and at Masons, we develop our products with these same principles in mind.  

With nearly a quarter of a century’s experience in supplying the New Zealand building industry, Masons has brought that expertise to the development of high-performance breathable roofing underlay. 

‘For roofers, ease of use, NZBC compliance and reliability are fundamental when it comes to choosing roofing products,’ says Arthur. ‘While these requirements have been constant over the years, the move from bituminous paper to synthetic breather underlay has been a major change.’ 

With innovative architectural designs and the introduction of new and different roof systems into the New Zealand market, RANZ members are looking for products that will offer the same level of innovation and excellence, and that are backed by a team of experts. 

For Masons, being a part of RANZ means being part of a nationwide team of roofing professionals who are dedicated not only to working at the highest standard, but to constantly improving those industry standards, for the benefit of all. 


Check out this page on our website for more information or call 0800 522 533 to be put through to your local Masons rep.