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Building more efficiently with Barricade Weather Defense

Case Study
May 26th, 2023

‘We’ve been impressed with the first project that we’ve used it on,’ says Sam Connell, director of Figure & Ground. ‘Nine times out of ten, the buildings that we specify will have a Masons air barrier product on them. Barricade Weather Defense is similar to the flexible wall underlay that we’ve been using, but allows us to achieve additionalbracing requirements, as well as fire rating, which is a common requirement in a lot of our designs.’ 

The two-storey Christchurch home, which is Sam’s own, utilises the structural bracing of Barricade Weather Defense, which also helps prevent moisture and air intrusion to the dry envelop for the life of the building. 

150-day protection during construction 

Barricade Weather Defense is a premium weather-resistant rigid air barrier system that provides up to 150 days’ water, air and UV protection prior to the cladding being installed, allowing interior and exterior trades to work in parallel to speed up build programmes. 

For project builder Sam Petrie of Petrie Construction, Barricade Weather Defense helped the job run more quickly and efficiently. ‘It definitely allows us to speed up construction. We can put the board on and, once the windows are in, we’re good – we can start on the inside insulation and get our wall linings on. We’re not waiting for the outside to be completed before we move on to the inside.’ 

Developed for performance & ease of installation 

Masons Barricade Weather Defense is a three-part system comprising Masons 6mm or 9mm fibre cement panels either nailed or screwed to the building frames, covered with Barricade Weather Defense self-adhesive barrier wrap, and sealed with 40 Below Flex flashing tape at the openings. ‘It’s a pretty simple system,’ says Sam Petrie. ‘The product is good, and easy to use.’  

Along with great performance and ease of installation, another advantage of the Barricade Weather Defense is site security. ‘The benefit of the rigid system is you can have everything locked up inside, rather than with wraps, which can be easily penetrated. All in all, it speeds up the whole job.’ 

For both architects and builders, the Barricade Weather Defense helps ensure that projects run smoothly and efficiently, a benefit which ultimately is passed on to the client. ‘It’s a great innovation,’ says Sam Petrie. ‘Put simply,’ says Sam Connell, ’this product will allow our clients to build faster overall and save on construction costs.’ 


For more information about the Barricade Weather Defense system please call 0800 522 533 to be put through to your local Masons rep.

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Product: Barricade Weather Defense 

Architect: Figure & Ground 

Builder: Petrie Construction 

Photographer: James Munro at Itch 

Writer: Folio