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Multi-Function Coil Nailer, V8 compressor & 15-metre fitted hose. Comes with a 2 Year Warranty.

Key Benefits

This kit is perfect for:

  • Timber Weatherboards, Timber Decking, Plywood cladding, Fascias and Trim, Windows and doors, Exterior and Interior finishing trims, Ply Bracing, Cavity Battens, Slate and Tile underlay, Fencing, Roofing.

  • Fires from 27mm to 75mm coil nails in stainless and galvanised

  • From clouts to hardened, ring-shank galvanised jolt heads, we have a full range available. Fixings for claddings, soffits, and RAB board.

This kit saves hours in labour costs over hand nailing, but there is no risk of hammer marks or damage to timber weatherboards. 


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