Access Panels – Paintable, Matt MDF

Pre-primed and paint-ready with noise-reducing liner.

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Masons Paintable Access Panel provides easy access through non-fire rated dry lined walls and ceilings to concealed spaces.

This Panel is made from pre-finished matt MDF with a ‘push-catch’ closing system, a metal frame, beaded plaster-ready trim and a noise reducing liner. This hatch is perfect for both residential and commercial buildings.


Easy access to:

  • Ceiling spaces and bulk heads.
  • Roof spaces: Insulation, framing, inspection of underlay and roofing. Vermin control.

Installation Guide

  • Measure across the inner flanges for the access panel.
  • Cut a hole in the plaster board to match measured panel size adding 2.5mm each side to allow for clearance (e.g. 605 x 605mm for the 600mm panel).
  • For 600 x 600 mm access panel, frame out the cut opening on the hidden (non visible) side of the plasterboard. Check access panel fit before fixing off the opening framing.
  • Bend the steel tie tags, located around the inside of the frame to the vertical position and slot the hatch (without door for easy installation) into the framed opening.
  • Secure the steel tie tags to the stud or support framing OR fold them over to secure to the plaster board.
  • Fix screws through the access panel frame and tags to the timber supporting framing until the access panel is flush and securely fixed.
  • Insert the door and secure with screws provided.
  • Plaster in the beaded trims surrounding the access panel.
  • Paint the access panel and plastered areas to match.
VENTMCOVERMATT Access Panel 600x600mm
Matt, Paintable
Ceiling, Head &
Shoulder Access

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