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Masons Soffit Lining

Soffits Linings – who sees or thinks about them?

The humble soffit may appear to be a small part of your home’s exterior, but it plays an important role in your home’s appearance and function. Your choice of soffit should be equally important. 
Let us introduce Masons Soffit Linings! They are solid and perforated PVC boards that give a classical elegance to an otherwise overlooked part of the house. They ensure an aesthetic and durable finish to any home while being weather resistant and require next to no maintenance – a homeowner’s dream!
What’s more, once installed, they require no painting and no cleaning, other than the occasional wipe down. Too easy!
Masons Soffit Linings are available in black, white, and two natural timber looks. They are exquisitely designed to perfectly match even the most modern construction styles and will turn your soffits from boring to beautiful! They are tough and durable and simply the best choice for long-lasting satisfaction. Plus they come with a 20-year warranty.

Why Choose Masons Soffit Linings?

1. Available in black, white, and two natural timber looks – Classic Nut and Winchester

2. Beautiful, Tough, and Durable – with next to no maintenance other than an occasional wipe down

3. Wood Texture – a soffit lining finished with a texture and wood-like veneer perfectly imitates the natural characteristics of timber.

4. Low Weight – the low weight of our system facilitates installation on delicate structures without any loads imposed on roof structures.

5. Save Time – frame out, install boards and trim – done!

6. No painting is required.

7. Perforated – choose Mason’s perforated soffits for a naturally ventilated healthy roof space.

8. Fire Retardant – Mason’s soffit are fire retardant, and so use with confidence

Beautiful Design

Colour Fastness

Weather Resistant

Easy Installation

Light Weight

Immitates Wood Texture

Give your next Build an Edge, with Masons ‘Stunning’ Soffit Linings

Case Study -Compass Homes

Jasmine Lowe-Aroll fell in love with Masons Soffit Linings when she stumbled on a promotion run by Masons Plastabrick Ltd to win a houselot. At the time, Jasmine was building a home with Compass Homes, Whangarei, so she discussed using the soffit on her build with franchise owner Daniel Stirling.

“ I treat all new building products with scepticism” says Daniel . “But this soffit gave a pretty good upgrade finish to what is otherwise considered a ‘boring’ aspect of a house. The soffit looks absolutely fantastic and does change the look of the house. You get the beauty of a wood finish, without the ageing and maintenance of natural timber. It is a good system and has a lot of potential”.

Masons Soffit Linings are beautiful, tough and durable and require no painting, and next to no maintenance other than an occasional wipe down. The soffit panels come as solid or perforated boards which help to give a naturally ventilated, healthy roof space and they are lightweight, so ideal in delicate places with limited load restrictions on roof structures.

When prompted to comment on any drawbacks of the soffit linings, Daniel said that installation took a little more prep and planning than traditional soffit. Taking care to centre the linings in doorways for instance. But, they were quicker to install than a natural wood equivalent. The soffit is also quite a ridged product, so care was taken in choosing a small footprint light, so the hole could be punched out within the width of a soffit plank to avoid splintering.

Jasmine is delighted with her choice of a timber coloured soffit, complemented with black brick to give a stunning point of difference to her home.

To learn more about Masons Soffit Linings and whether they are suitable for your next build,
visit our website: or call 0800 522 533 to speak to one of our Masons Reps.


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