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Masons 40 Below Platinum
Flashing Tape

An Extension to the 40 Below Range

There’s a new kid on the block in the Masons 40 Below Flashing Tape range, and its high-performance specs are turning heads in the industry.

We are introducing Masons 40 Below Platinum – A premium, self-adhesive, flashing tape to seal around windows, doors, and other joinery openings as a secondary defence against water. 

How does Masons 40 Below Platinum differ from the standard Masons 40 Below Flashing Tape?

Masons 40 Below Platinum is a more premium, superior tape and is the preferred choice.

Three key benefits substantiate this claim:
Firstly, its distinctive silver aluminium facer gives excellent water resistance and a UV resistance of 180 days.

Secondly, it features an advanced poly-acrylic adhesive for an aggressive and dependable performance in a wide temperature range (-10˚C to 40˚C).

Thirdly, it is ultra-thin (0.2mm), so remarkably pliable with no build-up in joinery corners.

Masons 40 Below and 40 Below Platinum Flashing Tapes are certified by CodeMark and comply with the New Zealand Building Code. They are compatible with all building wraps and most sealants

Choosing a Suitable Flashing Tape

UV Protection
Sunlight can degrade some tape, so you will want to know it has UV protection if exposed for long periods. Masons 40 Below Platinum has resistance to UV for 180 days.

Adhesive Performance
According to professionals, the best flashing tape adhesive is acrylic adhesive technology. It’s the best performance in the most extensive temperature range, but also the most expensive. Masons 40 Below Platinum utilises poly-acrylic adhesive technology. Acrylic adhesive do not react with common sealant adhesives used in New Zealand.

Temperature plays a crucial role in choosing a suitable flashing tape. In general, modified bitumen products do not work as well in cold weather as butyl-based (better) or acrylic-based (best) options. Likewise, in the upper limits, hot temperatures can cause adhesives to soften and become less sticky. Always check with the manufacturer if the temperature ranges are not published.

Proper installation is paramount. To obtain good results and maintain warranty coverage, following the manufacturer’s installation techniques, understanding the product’s application temperatures and compatibility with substrates is critical.

40 Below Platinum Flashing Tape


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