Masons, nz exterior cladding specialists From building wrap to plaster systems


Masons nz manufacture, import and distribute a wide range of building products throughout New Zealand and take pride in their customer service. Any questions for plaster cladding, nz wide they are there to help. With sales agents working for masons, nz wide.

Masons nz have two major production lines which are exterior cladding solutions, that outline the different plaster systems that Masons nz have to offer, and a great selection of building products with the most popular products being the building wrap, which is available at most hardware stores that stock Masons, nz wide.

Being at the forefront of plaster cladding and its technology, gives Masons nz the advantage to recommend plaster cladding systems that are capable of handling the harsh weather conditions that cladding nz has to withstand.

Masons nz has a committed team, along with support partners such as Branz and CodeMark it allows Masons nz to provide you with products that are tried and tested under strict testing conditions, with the majority of our products having been tested to CODEMARK CERTIFICATION. Especially with the previous exterior cladding scare. You can rely on Masons cladding, nz wide it will withstand the conditions.

Masons building wraps are tested to conditions and are of top quality. Building wrap in combination with a maintenance friendly exterior cladding, like plaster gives you the reassurance your home will be watertight.

Masons building products covers a wide range of building products, for example building wrap, DPC damp proof coursing, Brick ties, plaster systems, admixtures and much more. Masons nz is committed to providing their customers with the highest possible service and products. Whether you are a Builder, Plasterer, Bricklayer, Architect, Home owner, Hardware store or a Group Home Builder. We are here to help.