Flexible Air Barrier System

UNI FR is a NZ designed Flexible Air Barrier (FAB) which has unique reinforcing and highly water resistant features allowing work to continue on the inside of the building for up to 90-days, without waiting for the cladding to be complete.

UNI FR is much more than a Flexible Air Barrier. It's a Game Changer!

  • FLEXIBLE AIR BARRIER - No more hold ups due to cladding delays or bad weather. UNI FR provides temporary protection from UV exposure to timber framing for up to 90 days from installation. 
  • A SECONDARY LINE OF DEFENCE - Once installed UNI FR is a secondary line of defence against moisture over the life of the building. It is highly breathable and passes vapour from inside the building out.
  • SAVES YOU MONEY - UNI FR is much cheaper than Rigid Air Barriers (materials and labour) yet has most of the benefits.
  • VERY STRONG AND TEAR RESISTANT - UNI FR has a high vapour permeable, water resistant membrane sandwiched between two tough layers of non woven polyolefin fabric.
  • FULL TRAINING AND SUPPORT - Masons is committed to supporting builders with their first time use of UNI/UNI FR. An installation video, written instructions and training is available.
  • FIRE RETARDANCY - UNI FR is fire retardant.

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UNIFR2.74×50 UNI FR Flexible Air Barrier 2.74m x 50m2
UNIFRSOFFIT UNI FR Flexible Air Barrier Sofifit 0.6m x 18.25m x 10.95m2
UNI FASTGN UNI Fasteners Galv Nail and Washer 32mm QTY 2500
UNI NAILPACK Uni Nail/Washer Pack for UNI Gun QTY 2000

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