UNI FR Soffit

Fire Retardant Flexible Air Barrier System

UNI FR is a NZ designed Flexible Air Barrier (FAB) which has unique reinforcing and highly water resistant features allowing work to continue on the inside of the building for up to 90-days, without waiting for the cladding to be complete. UNI FR now comes in a Soffit Roll – 600mm x 18.25m, covering 10.95m2. 

The soffit has an additional ‘peel and stick’ adhesive strip making application easy! No additional seam tape is required on 75mm horizontal overlaps. UNI FR Soffit is perfect for those awkward little gaps in wrap, saving you cutting into a large roll, and so eliminating waste.


UNIFR2.74×50 UNI FR Flexible Air Barrier 2.74m x 50m2
UNIFRSOFFIT UNI FR Flexible Air Barrier Sofifit 0.6m x 18.25m x 10.95m2
UNI FASTGN UNI Fasteners Galv Nail and Washer 32mm QTY 2500
UNI NAILPACK Uni Nail/Washer Pack for UNI Gun QTY 2000

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