UNI FAB Seam and Repair Tape

For Seams and Repairs of UNI and UNI FR

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Masons UNI FAB® Seam and Repair Tape is a soft and very pliant 60mm wide speciality adhesive tape perfect for sealing laps, joins and tears in Masons UNI and UNI FR Flexible Air Barriers. Its poly-acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive works particularly well in cold temperatures.

This tape is also used to repair damage to building wraps and underlays and to seal head and apron flashings to UNI and UNI FR. See UNI FR Installation Instructions on our website.

It also bonds strongly to wood, non-sanding bricks, and clean concrete surfaces which are free of adhesion-repellant substances.

Roll width = 60mm
Roll length = 25m
Tape thickness = 0.5mm

Physical Properties

  • The filament layer in the tape is for protection from over expansion
  • Temperature stable to 120°C
  • Very pliant, even at 0°C
  • UV resistant for 6 months +
  • Extremely high initial and permanent adhesion and good adhesion in low temperatures
  • Permanent high moisture resistance
  • Especially low-emission, EC1
  • Available as white/black

Application Instructions

  • Application temperature: +5˚C to +40˚C; surface/material -10˚C to +40˚C
  • Observe minimum overlaps of 75mm on a horizontal join and 150mm on a vertical join when seaming UNI or UNI FR
  • Bonded surfaces should be dry and free of any dirt and grease
  • Do not deliberately stretch or over tension seam tape when applying to UNI, UNI FR, or wrap
  • Use a tape applicator or plastic scraper to firmly smooth the tape onto the wrap. Hand pressure alone will not activate the adhesive
  • Store in dry rooms from +5˚C to +25˚C, protected from UV radiation


UNI FAB Seam & Repair Tape

60MM X 25M

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