Soffit Linings

Top quality durable soffit combined with classical elegance

Our Masons Soffit Linings ensure an aesthetic and durable finish. It is weather resistant and requires no painting or maintenance other than a wash down. It’s the perfect choice for long-lasting satisfaction.

Beautifully designed to perfectly match even the most modern construction styles

  • Available in black, white and two natural timber looks - Classic Nut and Winchester
  • Beautiful, Tough and Durable - with next to no maintenance
  • Wood Texture -A soffit lining finished with a texture and wood-like veneer perfectly imitates natural characteristics of timber whether stained or painted.
  • Low Weight - Low weight of our system facilitates installation on delicate structures without any loads imposed on roof structures.
  • Save Time - Frame out, install boards and trim – done!
    No painting is required.
  • Very Low Maintenance - The soffit element material is so durable that limited care or maintenance activities are required apart from the occasional low-pressure washdown.
  • Perforated - Choose Masons perforated soffits toward a naturally ventilated healthy roof space.
  • Fire Retardant - Masons soffit are fire retardant, and so use with confidence.


  • Installation of the soffit boards perpendicular to the cladding surface is recommended.
  • Maximum recommended span is 400mm.
  • Installation should be completed when ambient temperature is 5°C or above.
  • Masons soffits should not be installed where exposed to direct sunlight.
  • Masons soffits should be stored inside, or covered and not in direct sunlight.

Physical properties

Our soffit linings consist of solid and perforated PVC boards, J and H strips, as well as an outer corner strip. Available in black and white as well as natural timber look. Colour fastness is confirmed with laboratory testing and aging tests.

Note: Masons Soffit Linings can only be used as a soffit linings, and cannot be used as cladding. Using as cladding would void the warranty.

QTY per Box
SCSCBBLK Solid Lining Board – Black 18
SCSCBWHITE Solid Lining Board – White 18
SCSCBWIN Solid Lining Board – Winchester 18
SCSCBNUTC Solid Lining Board – Nut Classic 18
SCPSBBLK Perforated Lining Board – Black 18
SCPSBWHITE Perforated Lining Board – White 18
SCPSBWIN Perforated Lining Board – Winchester 18
SCPSBNUTC Perforated Lining Board – Nut Classic 18
SCJSTRIPBLK J Strip – Black 30
SCJSTRIPWHITE J Strip – White 30
SCJSTRIPWIN J Strip – Winchester 30
SCJSTRIPNUTC J Strip – Nut Classic 30
SCHSTRIPBLK H Strip – Black 24
SCHSTRIPWHITE H Strip – White 24
SCHSTRIPWIN H Strip – Winchester 24
SCHSTRIPNUTC H Strip – Nut Classic 24
SCCSTRIPBLK Corner Strip Outer – Black 12
SCCSTRIPWHITE Corner Strip Outer – White 12
SCCSTRIPWIN Corner Strip Outer – Winchester 12
SCCSTRIPNUTC Corner Strip Outer – Nut Classic 12


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