Fence Wrap

Custom branding – Ultimate brand exposure on site

Fence Wrap is used to cover perimeter fencing on construction sites

Fence Wrap is made from a 280gsm PVC Mesh and contains small holes to let the wind pass through. The product easily attaches to fencing with the use of cable ties and can be re-used.

Fence Wrap – Advantages

  • Increase site security and privacy
  • Can display important health and safety messages
  • Easily attaches to fencing and scaffolding with cable ties
  • Can be re-used from site to site
  • Assists in containing dust and debris
  • Custom branding available to promote your company
  • 280gsm Strong PVC Mesh
  • One eyelet at every 50cm distance, top and bottom
  • Strong bands around the edges

Care Guide

Fence Wrap is a temporary product and maybe open to damage when exposed to strong winds.  The Fence Wrap should be pulled taut and be tied every 50cm with even tension on the mesh. UV Exposure will make the colours fade and the material break down over time. Keep the wrap in good tension and regularly tighten the wrap on your fence.


Store the wrap rolled up in a dry place out of sunlight.

Fence Wrap Mesh – 2.5Lm Single 2.5×1.6m
Fence Wrap Mesh – 10Lm 10×1.6m
Fence Wrap Mesh – 20lLm 20×1.6m
Fence Wrap Mesh – 50Lm 50×1.6m

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