Black Polyethylene

General purpose 250 micron

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Masons Black Polyethylene is a general purpose heavy weight 250 micron black polyethylene. Suitable for drop sheets, covering, garden, damp proof course, concrete underlay. It is also the first barrier against rising damp.

Masons Black Polyethylene complies with the New Zealand Building Code Standard (NZBCS)


  • Functions satisfactorily as a damp-proof membrane for a minimum of 50 years. 
  • Has a water vapour flow resistance of no less than 90 MN s/g (mega-newton seconds per gram). 
  • This polyethylene must be inspected for tears and penetrations.
  • Should not be left exposed for more than 28 days. 


  • Ideal for under floor on the ground to prevent the cold from rising to your floor boards.
  • Great for all those foundation jobs as a moisture and vapour barrier.
  • Temporary weather protection during building.
  • General protection against dust and dirt.

Physical Properties

  • Easy to use; Light, flexible and easily cut on site with a sharp knife.
  • Comes in rolls so easy to transport and handle.
BKPLY4x50 Masons Black Polyethylene 4x50m, 250 micron 200m²
BKPLY2x50 Masons Black Polyethylene 2x50m, 250 micron 100m²

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