Automatic Sanitiser Dispensers

And Hand Sanitiser Refill Bags

As you are probably aware, the COVID-19 Health and Safety Protocols as outlined by our Government for managing risk of COVID-19 transmission involve hand washing and sanitisation. Masons have santiser dispensers suitable for all businesses who will potentially have foot traffic at Level 2 or 3. It is recommended that all businesses/building sites/workplaces have these at the entry to their sites/stores/counters/show rooms/ show homes etc.

Freestanding or wall mounted options
Dispenses foam hand santiser
Santiser refill – easy refilling with disposable bag (1000ml)
Lockable – with window design
Battery operated – light indicator for low power
Masons also sell the sanitiser refill bags of hand sanitising foaming agent. The same bags fit both the freestanding and the wall mounted units.

The Foam Hand Sanitiser
This Masons Sanitiser is an alcohol free foaming hand sanitiser
Available as single bags or a multi-pack bag of 4
Kills 99.999% of known bacteria and viruses
Alcohol free
Conforms to International AOAC 960.09 Sanitation Standards
Gentle on hands


Auto santiser dispenser unit freestanding with sanitiser bag


Auto sanitiser dispenser unit wall mounted with sanitiser bag


Auto santiser dispenser unit only freestanding


Auto sanitiser unti only wall mounted


Sanitiser refill – disposable bag (1000ml) single


Sanitiser refill – disposable bag (1000ml) 4 pack

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