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Black is the New Green

Our Merchant DPC Recycling Scheme

What is it?

We initiate the collection of plastic waste such as hard to recycle industrial plastic packaging and post-consumer plastic.

The material gets collected and put through an intensive cleaning process prior to conversion into a recycled plastic resin. This resin is then used to produce new products in New Zealand such as our our very own Dry Fix DPC.

How does it work?

Masons place a collection bin at your depot and provide training sessions and brochures on what kind of plastics can be taken. Once full, we collect the bin and replace it with an empty one. Your customers will love this service and their frequent visits to fill the bin will bring increased foot traffic to your store.

Currently this service is only available to the Auckland and surrounding areas.

As a merchant you must be stocking Masons DPC to be eligible for participation. It’s easy and everyone is a winner!

To learn more download our PDF


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