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ThermalCrete Lightweight Panel System is an appraised CodeMark certified cavity based system. MASONS have developed an exterior cladding system that will give the end user peace of mind knowing that they are using a product the exceeds the NZBC.   The interlocking panels add extra security and stability during the construction period, The TC provide a superior waterproof substrate better than most other lightweight concrete panel on the market.   During the manufacturing process the sheets are bonded together (not laminated), are energy efficient giving them an excellent thermal rating.
  • Panel Dimensions: 2.25m x 0.61m
  • Thickness: 50mm
  • Fixed with: Buglehead screw 75 (timber battens) or 100mm (EPS Battens)
The panel is made up of three layers:
Calcium Silicate Board x 2
  • Made from cement and lime
  • Has excellent fire performance
  • Is moisture proof
  • Will not bend or warp giving assured longevity
  • Strength 14.0 Mpa
  • Extra insulation
  • Quick and simple construction
  • Each board is 4.5 mm thick
  • 41 mm cement
  • with 3-5 mm eps beads
With ThermalCrete™ you are starting with a WATERPROOF substrate, it has only 3.2% water absorption. thermalcrete vs AAC
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