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PlastaBrick™ is a masonry render system for smoothing and texturing brick or block walls. The system provides a hard durable surface which when painted is waterproof and easier to maintain than a standard painted wall.
  • Easy to keep clean and weatherproof when painted.
  • A wide range of finishes can be achieved.
  • Ideal for modernizing existing older brick or concrete block houses.
  • Masons basecoat or lightweight basecoat can be built up to 40 mm to straighten walls.
Special Notes
This system will provide weatherproofing to the wall when properly painted, however it is the designers responsibility to provide adequate detailing for penetrations, tops and sealant details for retaining and backfilled walls.
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Brick & Block Texturing, Texturing Existing Brick or Block, New Home, Alteration, Addition or Reclad