Hydro Window Flashing Tape

Suitable for timber and steel framed buildings

Hydro Window Flashing Tape

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Hydro Flashing Tape is a self adhesive flashing tape to seal around windows, doors, and other joinery openings as a secondary defense against water penetration.
  • It’s suitable for timber and steel framed buildings
  • Has been tested and passed by CodeMark
  • For a risk score between 0-20 in accordance with NZBC Acceptable Solution E2/AS1
  • Passed NZS3604 Building Wind Zones up to and including ‘Very High’ .
Hydro™ Flashing Tape- Advantages
  • Compatible with all building wraps
  • Simple 4 step installation, save time reducing costs
  • 1 mm thick adhesive layer
  • Reliable and dependable weather tightness
  • Low temperature adhesion
  • Can be applied as low as 5°C
  • Corner Guard is easy to install and increases protection to framing

Scope of Use / Applications

Windows/Door/Timber & Steel Frame Flashings Masons Hydro Flashing Tape and Masons Corner Guard must be installed in accordance with these instructions.
  • Ensure the Hydro Tape completely covers the joinery opening.
  • To ensure maximum adhesion of the tape, make sure the substrate surface is clean, dry and free from any dust or other contaminants. Flaps are folded into the opening and secured.
  • The building wrap is installed as shown to the exterior face of the frame. At window and door openings it is cut on a 45˚ angle away from each corner, then the flaps are folded into the opening and secured.
  • Hydro Flashing Tape must not be stretched. When joining 2 sections of tape, overlap by 100mm or more.
Note: 150mm Wide tape is used for 100mm wide window or door framing. 200mm Wide tape is used for 140mm–150mm wide revels.  
WARNING: Don’t apply any solvent based glues or adhesives/sealants to the tape as it will react with the bitumen.
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