Superior Weatherboard Cladding System


Masons Durali is a pre-finished weatherboard system manufactured with 21st century technology


Masons Durali is a weatherboard cladding system manufactured with 21st century technology, providing a pollution-resistant coating that resists air bound dust and dirt. Together with Durali’s unique patented panel design you can be assured of a durable, low-maintenance cladding that will give you a weather-tight home that will look after YOU,  not the other way around, leaving you with more time to do the things you love.
  • DURALI is available in a wide range of custom colours from light to dark.
  • DURALI saves you time and money in painting and scaffolding costs due to its pre-painted surface.
  • DURALI has a durable paint coating that doesn’t require repainting for the serviceable life of the product.
  • DURALI has a fire retardant core suitable for residential and low rise projects, also available with a Fire Rated (non-combustible) core .
  • DURALI is durable and will not warp, split or crack.
  • DURALI stands up to the strongest rain and winds that nature can throw at it.
  • DURALI is a CodeMark certified product that adheres to the NZ building code standards.
Getting to the core of DURALI
Durali comes with two different grades of core:
  1. A 4mm thick panel that has a fire retardant composite core that is sandwiched between two strong skins of aluminium.
  2. A fire rated (non-combustible) core complies and exceeds to NZBC acceptable solutions section 5.8.1 class a) and b) in accordance with ISO 5660 (2002). The highest possible standard in NZ.
The layer of high strength aluminium sheet used in Durali is 0.5mm (+/- 0.02mm) and holds the highest grade of salt spray corrosion resistance – Aluminium Classification A5005 (Most commonly used in ACM in NZ is A3003 which is a lower grade for exterior and A1001 that can be used for signage). The product is then coated with a 3-step process of the best available PVDF paint resins supplied by PPG. Step 1: Primer, 2: PVDF Paint, and 3: PVDF varnish. for more information please download Durali specification document
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